Project Description

Our Daily Routine

Whilst our daily routine may vary, below is a guideline of how it usually operates.

8.00        Centre opens- free play

9.15         Mat time

9.30        Morning tea time

10.00      Indoor/Outdoor play. Art activiies

11.15        Lunch time

12noon   Morning session finishes – Sleep and/or rest time for full day children

1.00        Afternoon session begins – Indoor/Outdoor play

2.30        Afternoon tea – Indoor/outdoor Free Play

4.45        Group time- stories

5.00        Afternoon session ends

5.30        Centre closes

Sleep Time

Our Centre provides linen and beds/cots for your child’s rest time. We encourage you to bring along any toy that will help your child to settle at sleep time.

Children are not able to go to bed with a bottle as this is a regulation set down by the Ministry of Education.

Children are encouraged to rest/sleep and we endeavour to follow your child’s home sleep routine as much as we can.

Please feel free to discuss individual routines with us.

In the babies’ sleep room there is a video camera operating and all children are physically checked at 10 min intervals.