Fiona Young aka “Nona”

Fiona has 30 years early childhood teaching experience both in New Zealand and overseas.

In 1995, she set up Stepping Stones Child Care Centre. She is brings to the centre and good blend of old and new values. A mother of three children herself, she has and continues to experience the real life joys and frustrations of bringing up children.

Parents recognise this value of the experience, knowledge, wisdom and good old common sense that she brings to bear on the early childhood development of their children. Fiona brings to the centre new thinking in early childhood development and carefully blends it with proven societal values and expectations.C

Deepa Kukreja

Deepa brings to the Centre a wealth of skills and experience from her years in the early education sector and positions in other educational institutions.



Kayla, the family dog, lives upstairs, maintains a vigil on the driveway and is occasionally allowed to visit.