Good communication is important to us

We value open communication with parents or guardians.

A daily sheet, with photos, is put on the notice board at the end of each day. Past daily sheets are also available to view. If your child is under 2 and attending a full day, you will receive a daily report of their day at Stepping Stones. This will be in your child’s bag when you pick them up.

Please ensure that you have advised us of your e-mail address, so we can forward any extra bits and pieces onto you i.e. photos of your child involved in Stepping Stones activities. We also send out monthly invoices by email.

Hi Dad!

At times we are approached by parents for contact details of another Stepping Stones family. Please indicate on your enrollment form if you do not wish this to occur.

We are happy to talk to you regarding your child.  If we are busy at the time we will schedule a suitable time to have a chat with you.

Our staff are happy to help you.

Alternatively, you can always email us.

In addition, the following means of communication should also keep you informed:


A regular newsletter will keep you informed of what is happening within the centre and upcoming activities, etc. Once again your e-mail address will be helpful here.

Parents Notice Board

We will also use this noticeboard to inform parents of future activities and other useful information.

Parents may use the noticeboard to advertise toys, baby furniture etc. they wish to buy or sell

Individual Portfolios

As discussed on “Our Programme” page these are a great way for us to monitor your child’s progress. They are available for you to look at and we welcome your feedback and suggestions

Facebook & web site

We also have a facebook page where photos are loaded. At no time are children identified on the page. If you do not wish this happen, please notify us.

Notice of withdrawal

We require two weeks notice in writing if you are planning to withdraw you child from the centre.